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How Public Opinion Affects Politics?
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How Public Opinion Affects Politics?
The public opinion refers to prevalent views among the people. It comprises of the desires,
the wants as well as the reasoning. However, this opinion can be swayed from time to time by
public associations and also the political media. The media is able to reach people and change their
opinion. Public opinion affects the politics mainly through policies and election. Public opinion is
a big representation of democracy through its impact on policies and elections. The government
uses public opinions to guide them in public information and policy formation.
Policy planners normally have public opinion in the process of policy formulation. This
means that the public weighs in on what they think about a certain policy. This helps the policy
makers to come up with a policy that is all rounded and it also promotes democracy. The public
concerns and preferences are normally put into consideration. For instance, the public opinion has
not been in the support of the American foreign policy (Erikson and Tedin, 2015) The public are
not in support since they have not been involved in the policy-making process. The public is not
enlightened about the policy.
When it comes to elections; people have the right to vote for a candidate whom they want.
Elections are a big part of politics since after this the government is formed. The candidate with
most votes is the one that wins the elections meaning that he or she is most favored by public
opinion. There is no doubt that public opinion is very important. This can be seen in the amounts
of time as well as efforts that politicians, political scientists, and journalist spend trying to know
what the public is thinking.
Erikson, R. S., & Tedin, K. L. (2015). American public opinion: Its origins, content and impact.

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