(4 pts) Write a Python function named get_loss_dates. This function will read in a file containing information about the daily stock price for a specific company (e.g. APPL.txt would contain the daily stock prices for Apple). This function should return a list of the dates in which the stock price decreased (e.g. closed lower than it opened). It will have a single parameter named filename, the name of the file containing the stock data (e.g. “AAPL.txt”).The format of the file is given below. Note that the first line will always be a “header” that contains the names of the columns, not actual data.timestamp,open,high,low,close,volume2018-10-26,83.7200,84.2600,81.8100,81.9600,52296162018-10-25,83.1800,84.5800,82.6500,83.8300,52590082018-10-24,82.5900,84.3000,82.1100,82.2700,5098796def get_loss_dates(filename): “` Returns list of dates when stock closed lower than it opened. “`