Please answer the following question. The answers needs at least 250 words. Then please reply two persons’ answer. Each comment only needs 90 words.Question:Human evolution can be described as a feedback loop. What elements might go into this feedback loop, and how does each affect selective “fitness” and human evolution?Think about the hominins we have discussed thus far, and which features we attribute to being “uniquely human.” What environmental pressures must have existed in the past that would make such traits beneficial, or even necessary to survive?For this week’s discussion, please pick at least one “uniquely human” characteristic, and trace it back in time. (Please try to pick something other than bipedalism. Or, if you would like to discuss bipedalism, please focus on one physical aspect of this behavior, such as our s-shaped spines). Tell me why you think it arose, and how it affected early hominins’ ability to survive and reproduce.