1st postThe
two companies that I am comparing is Red Bull and Starbucks. Both
companies sell beverages that provide their customers with extra energy.
However the brand images are very much different.Red
Bull’s website contains mostly their involvement with extreme sports
and the athletes they sponsor. The website actually has very little to
about their product but more to do about their brand name. Their
Instagram displays the same kind information which showcases a lot of
extreme sports like skiing, biking, and surfing. They do this because
they advertise that they’re drink can give you the energy to do extreme
things. The account has 10 million followers and caters mostly young
adults which is also their target audience for their product.Starbucks
on the other hand is far more mellow and relaxing. Their website has
mutual, relaxing colors that showcases the drinks that they are
offering. They have tabs that describe all the different coffee’s and
teas and have aesthetic pictures that accompany the descriptions.
Starbucks’s Instagram contains pictures of their drinks and advertise
what drinks they have as a special deal at that time. The feeling is
calming and aims to attract consumers of all ages. The account has 17
million followers and does a good job of showcasing their products.Although
both company’s drinks provide energy to their customers, they take
drastically different approaches on both social media and their website.
Red Bull is geared more towards the younger adults that seek action and
adventure and use Red Bull drinks to give them the energy to do these
activities. Starbucks on the other hand takes a more laid back approach
and aims it’s marketing towards people of all ages for any kind of day.2nd postStar
bucks offers their consumers many different beverages that range from
different types of coffees to teas and more. Their website has simple
drop-down menus that offers browsers an insight into what the company
offers. There is a section that allows a coffee consumer to discover the
different types of coffee they make so that everyone can find the
correct beverage. Star bucks also promotes social impact on their
website and on their social media pages. They focus primarily on the
positive impact that they as a company have on sourcing ethically and
sustainability, leading in green retail which refers to how well they
minimize their footprint on the environment, to creating opportunities
for new team members and strengthening their communities. Starbucks has a
lot of social media outlets including: Instagram, twitter, Facebook,
Pinterest, and Google Plus. These out let sources have been a great way
for them to promote social agenda events like international woman’s day
being their most recent post on Instagram. They also use their social
media outlets to promote social responsibility and the support and
opportunity they provide to their communities. Their social media helps
them promote brand awareness and promote new drinks that they are coming
out with. Also, there is a lot of focus on seasonal beverages that are
infused with seasonal flavors. Their feeds also prove an insight into
tasteful delectable that you can enjoy in their shops.Peets
Coffee similar efforts as Starbucks when it comes to the functionality
of their website and the information they provide. They offer drop down
menus that are easy to use and straight forward. Peet’s offers a
drop-down menu that allows browser to sign up for a subscription of
their coffee and it can come in many forms. Peets offers ground coffee,
K-Cup Pods, Tea, and espresso capsules. They offer discounts in their
subscriptions to help attract their browsers. Similarly, they also have
social media outlets. They have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to post
social agenda events and beverages featured. A YouTube channel for
their consumers to see their featured ad campaigns. And, in support of
giving back to their communities, a LinkedIn profile for job
opportunities. They also have an area that shows how they are
environmentally responsible and support their local communities. Both of
the companies have rewards opportunities and apps for consumers to have
easy access to their menus, place orders, and collect points. These are
good efforts for both to create long term, loyal coffee drinkers.When
comparing Instagram pages, Starbucks seems to have more vibrant colors
that may attract younger generations. The Starbucks Instagram pages show
more light-hearted colors which carriers a happy vibe along with it. In
retrospect, Peet’s uses dark colors to emphasize the bold ness of their
coffee. Peet’s promotes stronger and richer coffee.Starbucks
definitely has a more dominant presence on social media. They attract
millions of consumers and have a much bigger global presence with
Starbucks in different cities around the world catering in local
flavors. This can be seen reflected in their social media and promotes a
healthier public image. We must keep in mind that Peet’s is a local
brand and thus doesn’t have the giant support base that Starbucks does.
The use of more vibrant colors will attract more consumers and we know
this seems appealing. Their social media offers many links to what they
as a community support. They promote an image that shows the browser
that Starbucks has a drink for any given moment.