Please answer each questions underneath the heading no more than 25 -50 word in APA. (do not need a paper). The answer need to be clear, concise and to the point. (don’t be long winded) 1. Regulation Read the article on the PCAOB’s decision to shelve the idea of mandatory auditor rotation.In your reply: Does the rotation principle fit within a SCP framework? Yes or No? The article mentions auditor “independence” several times. Why is this issue problematic? Be prepared to describe to the class where an auditor might fit in with the Specialized-Access Crime Grid:2. After watching this week’s video on Sarbanes-Oxley, select one of the legislative requirements mentioned and discuss whether or not the measure can rightly be considered to fall within situational crime prevention.3. Mainstream America has a growing awareness of the realities of transgender individuals, particularly after Caitlyn Jenner (see below) went public. For individuals born biologically female, the transition to male to match their gender identity may require testosterone (which is linked to aggression in general populations and among those who abuse it for fitness purposes). This is a very complex question and do your best to answer it: do the hormones required to transition from female to male cause a significant increase in criminality in this population? Before you begin, think on these facts: The median age of transition from male-to-female is 20 years old. “More than 90% transition full time before the age of 25 and it is unheard of to find one who transitions after age 30. The median age of transition for female-to-males is slightly older, with a moderate number transitioning in their 30’s and later.” Even this information may not be accurate; however, it raises an important question. Does timing of the transition impact potential increases in criminality?Transsexuals are many fold more likely to be victims of crime and bullying at all ages.