(Topic) What are the methods that would you use to secure your personal data in your home computer?
Description: You are required to work in individual.
Your Project MUST contain following format:
1. Abstract; (250 characters)
2. Introduction ( minimum 1 page) 3. Approaches/Techniques ( minimum 1 page)
4. Results ( minimum 1 page)
5. Compare findings with other researchers, which is included in the introduction section ( minimum 1 page)
6. Recommendations based on your findings make future improvements ( minimum 1 page)
7. Conclusion ( minimum 230 character)
8. References (( minimum 10 refer)
Project Requirement
You must complete all 8 sections of this project, write a report, which is expected to be completed with quality. Also, a PowerPoint with findings and demo during presentation to the class.
Project Deliverables
• Don’t stretch the report just to meet a particular page number, nor feel constrained if it needs to be longer to get your key points and results across.
• A good report must answer the standard questions about any research project. The following format is suggested and including the information I asked above:
– Any assignment received after the time of the class is considered late (NO EXCUSES) and is graded with 0%.