1. Please respond to this post. Marchelle Hannah posted Feb 28, 2019 11:55 PMBeing a servant leader means putting the needs of others before your very own, because you naturally want your team members to succeed. Through training and mentoring, servant leaders provide their followers with the necessary tools to grow on a professional and personal level. Servant leaders show their supporters that they care, and they also acknowledge their team members’ accomplishments, which I believe is crucial to boosting the overall morale of the organization.Ensuring that your team members have the necessary resources to perform to the best of their abilities and encouraging them to become the best versions of themselves, instills confidence and shows that you genuinely care for the well-being of others around you. Qualities of a servant leader are important to have in any role in the health care field or human services setting.If I could change anything in the healthcare field, it would have to be healthcare policies involving mental health. Many individuals afflicted with mental illness do not seek treatment, because they cannot afford it. Since mental health can lead to many other chronic ailments, and even worse self- death, I believe providing free means of obtaining treatment will aid in combating the suicide and disability crisis. 2. Please respond to the post.Denise Sanchez posted Feb 28, 2019 10:48 PMServant leadership focuses on the needs of others. It helps members of the organization develop and grow. Servant leaders are not focused on their own power but instead invested in helping the people around them. In healthcare, it is important to remember the needs of the patient are the first priority. Healthcare is primarily a serving vocation, putting the needs of others before your own. Servant style leadership is necessary because of this.There are several changes that are necessary in healthcare in order to ensure patients receive the care they deserve. Many people in low social-economic environments do not always have access to healthcare. Healthcare should be made affordable and everyone should be able to receive care regardless of their status. Classicism and racism still effect the care people receiving, even if unintentional. Minorities are disproportionately affected by these disparities in healthcare. Access to healthcare should be a right, not a privilege.3. Please respond to this post. In the replies, share another initiative or identify something else that could be done to further promote achieving the HP2020 goal. Use one scholar reference when sharing another initiative. APA Formatting National Health PrioritiesKeuana Jackson posted Feb 28, 2019 9:55 PMOne of the goals that means a lot to me that Healthy People has is that people have longer lives. They improve quality health care services. The target population for this goal is by 100 percent by the year 2020. Two people that help fund this goal are Patient Care and Affordable Act. Another initiative that help this goal is showing that their are significant disparities. One goal that they are focusing on is increasing and measuring that amount of insurance coverage that is needed. Each of these goals help to get to the bigger picture of making people healthier by the year 2020. Whether it is by focusing on insurance that is needed or taking that next step to get the care that they need even when they cannot afford it. Something that blocks the ways for healthcare is high cost of care so by focusing and making that a goal. It is a way to hep everybody win. 4. Please respond to this post. In the replies, share another initiative or identify something else that could be done to further promote achieving the HP2020 goal. Use one scholar reference when sharing another initiative. APA Formatting Tobacco UsageJaclyn Joziak posted Feb 28, 2019 12:33 PMFor this topic, I chose tobacco smoking. Tobacco smoking is a growing issue in the healthcare population today. According to HP 2020, cigarette smoking costs more than $193 billion in medical care cost every year (HP 2020). Imagine if that money could be allocated in more cost-efficient ways to benefit things such as cancer research. Tobacco use is a preventable disease, but it is one of the deadliest in the United States, causing more deaths than HIV, drug use, alcohol use, etc. (HP 2020). In 2008, the baseline was 20.6 percent of adults aged 18+ that were smokers. The Healthy People 2020 goal is to reduce cigarette smoking in adults. The target that Healthy People 2020 is looking to achieve is a 12% decrease (Healthy People 2020). This decrease has been determined based on the year 2000 and its standard population. Two major architects influencing this initiative are: National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), and the CDC/NCHS. The tobacco use initiative is not only a national focus, but also a state focus as well. The Florida Department of Health launched an ongoing initiative in 2007 called Tobacco Free Florida. This initiative was voted upon by voters to establish a comprehensive tobacco education and prevention program (DOH 2018). Reform begins at the state level. By engaging people on the state level, that will then trickle to the national goal of less people using tobacco. Tobacco Free Florida has a number of quality initiatives within their program, but one of the most important is clean indoor air act. This initiative was designed to prohibit smoking indoors in most public places. This initiative was enacted to reduce exposure to second hand smoke and the health hazards that follow.http://tobaccofreeflorida.com/current-issues/clean…5. Please respond to this post.Meaningful UseContains unread postsKristin Michaels posted Feb 28, 2019 5:41 PM Meaningful Use are core measures that healthcare providers must meet to determine the EHR system is being adequately used. This is used to increase patient care and safety. The three implementation stages are data capture and sharing, advanced clinical processes, and improved outcomes. All three stages where spread out between 2011, 2013, and 2015. In stage one the public health will need to test the capabilities of systems to report and actually receive data where accepted. In stage two eligible professionals must meet or qualify for an exclusion to 16 core objectives and 3 out of 6 menu objectives. This will delay the onset of stage 2 until 2014. You need to have the capability to submit electronic data for immunizations, reportable lab results and syndromic surveillance for the core set in stage 2. Stage 3 specifies the requirements each eligible professional must meet in order to qualify for Medicare and Medicaid electronic health record incentive payments and avoid downward payments adjusted under the Medicare HER incentive program. Meaningful Use and patient’s portals can directly help people achieve more positive health outcomes due to its availability and convenience. You are able to access all of your medical records right from home and you are able to fill prescriptions from getting it online. This just means less visits to your primary care or emergency rooms because you can message your doctor right from home. By having meaningful use, it can promote public health by having all your records online in one place. It is easier to help diagnose things that you may not think is a big deal. 6. Please respond to this post.Meaningful UseContains unread postsKyra Daniel posted Feb 28, 2019 6:27 PMMeaningful use is the use of EMR/EHR systems in a way that is meaningful and that ensures that the information collected from patients is used to improve the quality of care. In normal terminology I believe it is ensuring that the information patients provide are used to make their care more effective, easier, and accessible to better their health. This makes it easier to understand the 3 stages of meaningful use, which are:EHR data and sharing (2010): this stage focuses on standardizing the data collected by physicians. This allows for sharing between providers to be easy and efficient.EHR software use (2014): this stage expanded the use of HER systems. This opened access to labs result sharing and even e-prescribing. It promoted the patient to be more involved in their care.Maximized use of HER software: This stage just built more on stage 2. It opened the door for HER systems to be used as a network of stored patient data. It attempted to perfect the flaws found in stage 2 and make the exchange of patient information more secure and efficient.Meaningful use and patient portals has helped me achieve more positive health outcomes simply by the accessibility it provides. Since patient portals are accessbile at your finger tips with your phone you rarely have to reschedule appointments because you do not have a test or the results of test from a previous provider. You can acess those things through these sortr of networks. Since I am a part of the millinial age where we depend heavily on our technology being able to check labs results minimizes the stress of not knowing and it allows me to be more knowledgeable about my own health. These same reasons help me with the care of my grandmother. There are times where I cannot go to appointments but because we have a portal set up with her provider I can ask questions, see labs or even get updates that she may not accurately relay. Overall meaningful use and portal make an individual’s health their own again. You are no longer solely reliant on a physician.Meaningful use can also promote public health because since the technology is gathering the information and storing it, HIT professionals can assess and recognize trends. This in return can show if an area is going through something that needs to be further investigated or watched. It even can prevent outbreaks if trends are recognized.