195. Follow the instructions to write 2pages essayYou just apply the course materials as references All the work must be originalTurn it in report is required

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SOC 352: Current Event 2
25 points
Don’t forget to place your name at the top of your paper.

Search the internet, newspapers, and magazines for a current event article (not more
than 6 months old) that discusses the current happenings in the topic of social change
and technology/science. For example, this maybe a discussion of the innovation in
technology/science that is causing social change, the social resistance to innovation in
technology/science, or the economic or social costs from innovation in
technology/science. (5 points)

Copy-and-paste the entire text of your article to the beginning for your paper so that I
can read it. Please leave out the advertisements. If you cannot copy the article, try a
different internet browser or use your “snipping tool” to copy. If this does not work,
select a different article! (5 points) – this does not count to the word count.

Write a paragraph giving an explanation of the article. (5 points)

Write a paragraph thoroughly explaining your opinion and thoughts about this current
event. (5 points)

Cite the source of the article (website, blog, news magazine, etc.) and clearly indicate
the date you accessed the article. (5 points) – this does not count to the word count.

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