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SOC352: Block 1 Written Assignment
25 points
Before you start to work, please read the “Start Here/How to be Successful” postings on the
course Blackboard page. Then, read these instructions thoroughly…
What is “Social Change”? An Individual’s Historic View
Chapter 1 of our textbook, Ways of Social Change, tells us on page 22, “For most
people, what they take to be social change feels very personal and local. A child’s
family moves, and suddenly they are in a new house, a new school, with new friends. A
young person joins the military, hoping to get the structure, respect, and skills to pursue
a steady, productive life. People move in together, marry, divorce, and establish new
relationships. They age and face new challenges. Individuals decide they’ll live
differently. They change their clothes, start exercising, adopt a new hairstyle, ditch their
car, slow down their partying, are absorbed by a new skill or interest, and buy things to
express who they are. Being old enough to go to school, date, leave school, drink
alcohol, join the military, drive, vote, and qualify for Medicare and Social Security initiate
significant personal changes in an individual’s social circumstances. Personal
experiences, however, are a part of something bigger than themselves, something very
In other words, personal experiences of change are sometimes part of social change,
but not necessarily. Sometimes personal experiences of change (like finding your first
job or buying your first car) are part of the way things have been done for many
generations and/or are changes commonly made as a person moves through their life
within the confines of accepted society.
Sometimes, however, personal experiences of change are, in fact, small expressions of
a much larger trend of social change (for example: a woman becoming a CEO of a large
corporation or a Hispanic person being the first in his family to earn his college degree).
So let’s take a closer look at personal experience and social change…
A. Do some research to answer: What is social change? Use three different
sources (including the textbook) to produce a detailed definition of “social
B. View the Block 1 Power Point Lecture posted on the course Blackboard page.
This Lecture should help you with your next step (Interview).
C. Interview a person who is more than 60 years old. The person can be a friend,
family member, or even a professor (No, I don’t qualify… not yet!). It helps if you
already know this person because they are more likely to be comfortable
answering your questions. But if necessary, McDonald’s, IHOP, and Starbuck’s
are great places to find an older person who might be willing to chat.
Assure the person interviewed that there are no right or wrong answers.
However, be certain that they understand what social change is. Give the person
you are interviewing the definition of social change that you developed in your
Ask and write a word-for-word transcript…
1. Describe three important social changes that have occurred in his/her lifetime.
2. Why does he/she think that each of these social changes were important?
3. What does he/she think caused the social changes?
4. How have these social changes impacted the person being interviewed?
What were their personal experiences?
D. Write a 5-paragraph paper, including one paragraph answering each of the
following questions:
1. Based on your research (“A” from above), what is “social change”? Give the
three different definitions that you used to produce your detailed definition.
(3 points)
2. Tell me a little bit about the person you interviewed, include their first name,
age, gender, how you know this person, and where/when you interviewed
him/her. (3 points)
3. Do you agree with your interviewed person’s feelings as to why these social
changes were important? Why? (3 points)
4. Do you agree with your interviewed person’s understanding as to what
caused these social changes? Why? (3 points)
5. Have the described social changes impacted you (the writer of this paper) the
same way it impacted the person you interviewed? (3 points)
Cite the 3 sources for your definition of social change (“A” from above), plus any
additional sources you used. (3 points)
You may use any citation format that you are comfortable with, however, be
certain that all sources, are cited inside the text of your paper and at the end. At
the end of your paper, give the full bibliographic listing of each source, including
videos. If you do not have a preference, you may use the format listed here… To
cite a source within the text of your paper, you can simply place in parenthesis
the name of the author, website or organization plus the date published (for
example: Mark Maslin, 2009) at the end of the borrowed material. Then at the
end of your paper, give the full bibliographic listing of the source, including:
author, title, publisher, and copy write date or date information was accessed.
E. At the end of your 5-paragraphs, attach the word-for-word transcript (not a
summary) of your interview. (7 points) – reference to c
See the course Syllabus for assignment formatting and submission instructions:
Label all work by placing in the top right-hand corner: your name, course name
(SOC 332), assignment name (Block One Outline), and the date the assignment is
being turned in. Significant points (3 of 25) will be deducted from your grade for not
placing your name on your paper. Please do NOT handwrite your work. Please
double-space your Written Assignments with a font size of 12 or 14 (nothing
microscopic, please).
Submit your completed work via our course assignment web page as an
attached file. Do not “cut and paste” onto the assignment submission page. Do not
“zip” your files. Do not submit your file in a .PAGES format. Do not use the electronic
drop box. Don’t forget to click on the “Submit” button to complete the submission
process. When your work is successfully turned in, a new window will pop up with a
“receipt” page (feel free to print or save this page for your records in case we have a
technical problem). Do not submit your work via e-mail unless the course Blackboard
page is down, it refuses to upload your file, or you are submitting late.

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