1. Word limit (approx. 400 to 500 words)2. Double spacing3. Times New Roman font; font size 124. One-inch margins all around5. Cover page – first and last name; title (phase 2: social problem paper); date; course name and number and section number6. References page is not required as you are only analyzing one peer reviewed article.SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS:Select one (1) peer-reviewed journal article (no newspaper or magazine articles) for the social problem that you chose in Phase 1. Check JSTOR and Ebsco Databases from the Fresno State Library page for peer-reviewed journal articles.**Begin your responses/paper by writing a citation for the article in APA format. ** (do not use text form)In addition to all of the necessary citation information, you must use correct capitalization and punctuation for titles of sources and use the correct line spacing and indentation for the citation. Answer these questions with in-depth responses. Use quotations from the article where necessary to support your answers. DO NOT NUMBER YOUR RESPONSES. 1. Brief summary of the article2. Why did you select this article (mention how the article relates to the social problem you chose in Phase 1)?3. What evidence from the article seemed most convincing to you and why? Bring in examples from the text to support your points.4. What do you understand better now about your social problem that you have read this source? Be specific in your response to this question. Do not just write “I have a better understanding of my social problem now that I have read this article…”