( I will do the recording part, just leave great speaker notes)

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IS 2200 – PowerPoint Assignment (50 points)
Submit a PowerPoint presentation file (.pptx) that uses a minimum of ten (10) slides to illustrate
the Excel business case completed in the previous Excel Assignment. Please name it with
Your presentation should be complete. Please ensure that you include the following components:
a. A complete structure for your presentation:
1. Introduction to the presentation (cover slide, outline slide).
2. Discussion of the case (important numbers, observations, etc.)
3. Sales by product (1 slide including a graph from Excel . (inserted as an object)
4. Your opinion of the figures (recommendations/suggestions)
5. Summary of the presentation.
b. Using Notes Page, write speaker notes under each slide as if someone else beside you is
doing the presentation. Make these notes extensive.
c. Use footers and headers to identify your presentation. Date your presentation and number
your slides.
d. Use at least three clip art images.
e. Record narration for all of your slides.
f. All presentations should include an introduction and conclusion.
g. Refer to the following rubric for all grading requirements:
Content – 10 slide minimum
Spelling and grammar
Notes used effectively
Slide transition preset?
Linked Chart from pro forma as an object?
Graphics to enhance?
Sound use appropriate?
Slide numbers/date
Max. Points.
10 points
05 points
10 points
05 points
05 points
05 points
05 points
05 points

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