1) The Nixon administration set in motion the development of affirmative action policies. His policies led to extraordinary changes in civil rights policies and accommodations by public agencies. Describe the purpose and significance of Affirmative Action Policy and its effects in relation to civil rights. 2) Nixon’s Policies led to the desegregation of virtually all southern schools. Provide a brief reflection on the significance of this development. 3) Nixon’s Policies transformed Food Stamps from a welfare program to a program used by large numbers of the working poor. Share your thoughts about the civil rights implications of this monumental policy and pivotal change. 4) Provide a brief description of The Child Abuse Prevention Act of 1973 5) Give a brief description of the The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 6) Describe the significance of Title XX as it relates social services 7) Nixon, disliked social services and social workers, however, he did not veto legislation that provided services (in block grants) for existing and potential welfare recipients. Why do you think this was the case? Explain the irony.