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US National Strategy for the
Arctic Region
Hannah Klaus
● Population > 68,000
● Alaska Natives: Iñupiat,
Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit,
Haida, Tsimshian, and
many Northern
Athabaskan cultures.
● Americans mildly disagree
that the US has an Arctic
Source: The Economist
The US has not ratified the UN Convention on the Law of
the Sea.
Purchase of
Alaska from
Strategy for the
Arctic Policy
Directive (2009),
National Strategy for
the Arctic Region
Implementation Plan
for National Strategy
for the Arctic Region
(2014), Executive
Order for Enhancing
Coordination of
Arctic Efforts (2015)
US held a 2 year
chairmanship for
the Arctic Council
Obama banned
drilling in parts
of the US Arctic
Executive order
President Trump
reversed ban on oil
and gas leasing in
certain areas of the
Arctic and then
Congress voted to
open the Arctic
National Wildlife
Refuge to drilling.
National Climate
reports effects
of climate
change on
US National Strategy in the Arctic
● Advance national security
● Pursue responsible Arctic
region stewardship
● Strengthen international
Alaska Arctic Policy Commission
Strategic Recommendations
● Uphold the state’s commitment
to economically vibrant
communities and responsibility
to a healthy environment
● Collaborate with all levels of
government and stakeholders
● Enhance the security of the
state through a safe and
secure Arctic
● Value and strengthen the
resilience of communities
Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge
mx growth
What’s next?
Crude oil prices/barrel
Source: MacroTrends
Discussion questions
● Will Alaskans have power over their future as an Arctic
● How will the prices of oil continue to affect the
prospect in drilling on US Arctic territory?
● What are other ways that the US and Alaska can
increase security in the Arctic region other than those
“Alaskan Native Tribes.” Tribal Bridge, www.tribalbridge.com/alaskan-native-tribes/.
Davenport, Coral. “Obama Bans Drilling in Parts of the Atlantic and the Arctic.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 20 Dec.
2016, www.nytimes.com/2016/12/20/us/obama-drilling-ban-arctic-atlantic.html.
“Fourth National Climate Assessment” U.S. Global Change Research Program. 2018.
“Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy.” Federal Register, 3 May 2017,
“Purchase of Alaska, 1867.” U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of State, history.state.gov/milestones/1866-1898/alaskapurchase.
U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of State, history.state.gov/milestones/1866-1898/alaska-purchase
Erica Sheeran and Lizzy Duncan
Exploring the Arctic
Spring 2 0 1 9
History of the Arctic Council
-1989- Finland sends a letter to other
Arctic states proposing a meeting on
environmental protection
-8 Arctic states sign the Arctic
Environmental Protection Strategy (aka
“Finnish Initiative”) in 1991; 2 working
groups initially established
-Ottawa Declaration in 1996 that created
the Council as an intergovernmental
forum to address Arctic issues such as
sustainable development and
environmental protection
Current Chair: Finland (2017-2019)
● Theme: Exploring Common Solutions

Focus areas under Finnish chairmanship:
■ Environmental Protection
■ Connectivity
■ Circumpolar Meteorological Cooperation
■ Education
Incumbent Chair: Iceland (2019-2021)
● Theme: Sustainable Development

Focus areas under Icelandic chairmanship:
■ Arctic Marine Environment
■ Climate and Green Energy Solutions
■ People in the Arctic
■ Stronger Arctic Council
-Kingdom of Denmark
-Russian Federation
Permanent Participants
-1 3 non-arctic countries
-1 3 NGOs
-1 3 Intergovernmental
and Inter-parliamentary
AC Headlines
FEB 2019: PAME Launches
Shipping Database
A. PAME already maintains
shipping guidelines
II. JAN 2019: Nobel Peace Prize
1. Nominated 2018
2. Speculation for 2019
III. NOV 2018: AC & COP 24
A. Black carbon (BC)
disproportionately affects the
circumpolar region
B. AC’s Expert Group on Black
Carbon & Methane
1. Sources of Arctic BC?
IV. FALL 2017: New Observers
A. Switzerland
B. West Nordic Council
Questions for Discussion
1. The AC has been nominated (and may be nominated this year) for a Peace Prize,
with backing from experts around the North. Do you agree with this nomination?
What do you think qualifies/disqualifies the AC from a Peace Prize?
2. Which political theories or regimes does the AC operate in accordance with? Is
there one which encompasses AC behavior?
3. Why do you think the AC has been hailed as a success? Do you agree or disagree
with this assertion?
4. Bonus question: what mountain is this in the background? Which country is it in
(hint: it is an Arctic Council state)?
Works Cited
– Exploring Common Solutions: Finland’s
Chairmanship Program for the Arctic Council
2017-2019 (2017). Ministry for Foreign Affairs of
Finland. Available at: https://oaarchive.arcticcouncil.org/bitstream/handle/11374/2027/Finnish_
History of the Arctic Council (2018). The Arctic
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Arctic Council deserves a Nobel Prize,
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Council. Available at: https://arcticcouncil.org/index.php/en/aboutus/working-groups
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