– This is a traditional research: Purpose statement: Healthcare industries are concerned with privacy and security related issues resulting from the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR). The purpose of this traditional research paper is to examine the effects of security and privacy related threats against confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of healthcare information. The paper will also explore security measures and best practices for implementation in order to reduce the risk of these threats.-It should have an extract, table of content, 15 to 20 content pages, 10 to 12 references with in-text citations- It should include:1. Introduction2. Methodology: Search criteria, a compilation of search terms.3. Literature Review4. Research questions, Rationale, and hypothesis if any. Bring out security problems associated with this technology with focus on the most current breaches within the US (not more than five years). Use examples in terms of potential damage5. Discuss possible solutions/recommendations6. Conclusion.It should have a cover/reference pagesPlease use peer-reviewed articles not older than 5 years.