1. What U.S. president signed the Civil Rights Act into law? When did it happen?ANSWER: DOCUMENTATION: 2. What is the oldest city in the continental U.S? Give any important info about its foundation.ANSWER: DOCUMENTATION: 3. Where is the narrowest street in the world? What are its measurements? When was it built?ANSWER: DOCUMENTATION: 4. Which is the fastest flying bird in the world and how fast does it go?ANSWER: DOCUMENTATION: 5. Where and when was Earth’s hottest temperature recorded?ANSWER: DOCUMENTATION: 6.Which movie won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1990?ANSWER: DOCUMENTATION: 7. What is the windiest city in the world? Why does it get that title?ANSWER: DOCUMENTATION: 8. Who was the first European explorer to discover North America?ANSWER: DOCUMENTATION: 9. What does the Latin phrase “Janua Sum Pacis” mean?Where can we find this inscription?ANSWER: DOCUMENTATION: 10. What does China’s Terracotta Army protect?ANSWER: DOCUMENTATION: