– please compare “violent” and “nonviolent” human rights movements”. – Please write a 750 word (minimum) essay in which you use the table comparing “exclusive/violent” and”inclusive/nonviolent” social movements in order to analyze Booker T. Washington’s Gradual Accommodationmovement.- Be sure to address every row in the table.detailed examples from Booker T Washigton’s movement in order to support your arguments and a movement may match one set of criteria in a row (e.g.: criteria for a “violent” movement), and a different set of criteria in another row (e.g.: criteria for a “nonviolent” movement). In fact, you may decide that the movement does not adequately match either set of criteria.- There is no one correct answer for this assignment.What is necessary is that you support your answers in a convincing and detailed manner using specific examples from Washington’s life and movement. This is true even if you decide thatneither set of criteria in a particular row adequately describes Washington’s “Gradual Accommodation'” movement.- In your answer, you may draw on information from the film (Bill Moyers: A Walk Through the 20″ Century: the Second American Revolution, Part One), the Harlan reading on “Booker T. Washington and the Politics of Accommodation”should also help in order to fill in the details.ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS:- 750 words.- include a word count.- Please double-space.- No citation is necessary, unless you use sources other than course readings, films and lecture.