1. What is the process that determines the optimal analytics solution to a problem that you have identified? Is it easier to write a communication outline or just write out your recommendations?2. Reflect on how you have completed this project. Has working on this capstone project taught you anything new or changed your idea about the role of the analytics manager in the scope of your organization?Resources:Review “CRISP-DM 1.0 Step-by-Step Data Mining Guide,” by Chapman, Clinton, Kerber, Khabaza, Reinartz, Shearer, and Wirth (2000), located on the SPSS website.URL: https://www.the-modeling-agency.com/crisp-dm.pdfReview “Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Examination Study Guide,” by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) (2014), located on the Informs website.URL: https://capstudyguide.informs.org//docs/studyguide.pdf Read “Analytics: Why Communication Is Crucial,” by Cokins, from OR/MS Today (2013).URL: https://www.informs.org/ORMS-Today/Public-Articles/February-Volume-40-Number-1/Analytics-Why-communication-is-crucialRead “Telling a Story With Data,” by Davenport (2013), located on the Deloitte University Press website.URL: https://dupress.deloitte.com/dup-us-en/deloitte-review/issue-12/telling-a-story-with-data.htmlRead “Communicating Analytic Results: A Tutorial for Decision Consultants,” by Keisler and Noonan, from the Management Science and Information Systems Faculty Publication Series (2012).URL: http://scholarworks.umb.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1034&context=msis_faculty_pubsRead “Ability to Explain Analytical Results Vital to Gaining Executive Buy-In,” by Laskowski (2012), located on the Search Business Analytics TechTarget website.URL: http://searchbusinessanalytics.techtarget.com/feature/Ability-to-explain-analytical-results-vital-to-gaining-executive-buy-in Read “Preventing Data Overload: Communicating Data Analysis Effectively,” by Lichtner (2013), located on the Nexight Group website.URL: http://nexightgroup.com/preventing-data-overload-communicating-data-analysis-effectively/