1- This chapter introduces you to the general environment and issues confronted by global business managers. I believe that they all boil down into impacting one or more of the four factors of production. Identify which of the four factors (land, labor, capital, entrepreneurial ability) would you consider most important to understand and why.2- This chapter exposes you to different political systems or models that are alive and well around the world. Identify which one does the most to support business innovation, product advances and consumer protection and why.3- This chapter opens the discussion on national differences and how the business world is being impacted by these changes. Explain in your own words how government model changes positively or negatively impact global business.4- This chapter deals with understanding the differences in culture between countries. Explain why it’s important to recognize and adapt to differences in language, religion, and customs when operating in a global environment.5- This chapter recognizes the issue of business ethics in the global environment. Explain how an international business can protect itself when dealing with non-U.S. personnel or cultures far from the corporate HQ environment.6- This chapter offers a backdrop of international trade theory and again we see the factors of production being emphasized. Explain to me the concept of ‘first-mover’ and how global companies are able to capitalize on a given situation.7- This chapter deals with economic policy and trade barriers. Explain why government policies of “quotas and tariffs” – regardless of country of origin are more pro-producer and anti- consumer.